What is a Blueberry Facial?

This month I am going to talk about one of our most popular add-ons – The Blueberry Facial.

A Blueberry facial is a brilliant way of getting rid of and preventing tear staining on your dog’s face. It enhances the coats color naturally and provides a relaxing experience for your dog. It even helps with smelling!

Your dog will get an enjoyable head massage using circular motion throughout the whole head and face area to permit the solution to penetrate into the coat. It is then left on the face for a couple of minutes to allow all the powerful antioxidants to get down to work. After a thorough rinse, the result is brighter, whiter, and cleaner hair. It also repairs the strands making them better equipped to naturally fight of future stains and smell.

Is the Blueberry Facial only good for white dogs?
The facial is great for all dogs of all colors, sizes and breeds! The facial naturally enhances any color of coat including black. I highly recommend it for dogs who have facial folds such as bull dogs, pugs, shih-tzu’s.

It is also great for dogs who produce excess tears that develops stains. The blueberry facial also hypo allergenic, sooths skin, and great for dogs who have allergies as well.

What do you charge for a blueberry facial?
The blueberry facial can be added to any full groom or bath package for $5

Your dog deserves the best, so why not spoil them!?

Kate Andrews Professional Groomer
Insta: @kateandrewsgroom

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