Grooming Prices

Pricing is determined by size, breed, coat length, coat condition and temperament.
An extra $10 dematting fee will be added if the dog has excessive matting.
24 hour notice is required to cancel. Failure to do so will result in a $10 cancellation fee, and having to prepay for your next groom.


(Taxes Not Included)

Full Groom - Incl. Bath, Blowout, Haircut, Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning

x-small dog: $55+ (ex. yorkie, maltese)
small dog: $60+ (ex. shin tzu, lhasa apso)
medium dog: $70+ (ex. spaniels)
large dog: $90+ (ex. doodles, poodles)
x-large dog: $120+ (ex. berners, newfs)

Bath and Tidy - Incl. Bath, Blowout, Trimming of the Bloomers & Feathering, Sanitary Trim, Pads/Feet Trim, Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning

x-small dog: $50+ (ex. long haired chihuahua)
small dog: $55+ (ex. pomeranian)
medium dog: $$65+ (ex. spaniels, shelties)
large dog: $80+ (ex. goldens, collies)
x-large dog: $110+ (ex. berners, newfs)

Bath - Incl. Bath and Blowout, Nail Trim, and Ear Cleaning

x-small dog: $40+ (ex. chihuahua)
small dog: $50+ (ex. bulldog)
medium dog: 60+ (ex. pitbull, lab)
large dog: $70+ (ex. husky, german shepherd)
x-large dog: $80+ (ex. mastiff, st. bernard)

Add-Ons/Stand Alone Services

nails: $20
face trim: $20
touch-up: $20
teeth brushing: $10
deshedding treatment: sm. $10 / lg. $15
blueberry facial: $5
nail polish: $8

*** We DO NOT express anal glands at our salon, in Nova Scotia it is prohibited for groomers to do so. See your local vet for this service. ***