We’ve all been there. We’re out and our dog is off leash. And then we need them to come to us.

Having your dog come to you when you call his or her name is called recall.

How to Get Your Dog to Come When You Call by Megan MacKenzie, Head Trainer at Bedford Dog Daycare Pawprints Doggie Daycare and Grooming

Recall is one of the most important skills for your dog to know.

Getting your dog to come to you when distracted can take time – but having a reliable recall will allow the dog more freedom and you more peace of mind.

Here are some tips to help improve your dogs recall:

Practice in a controlled environment. If your dog is loose and does not come when called they can learn that it is okay to ignore you. Start with a leash on your dog – that way it is easier to get their attention if they are distracted. You can always up the difficulty of the exercise by progressing to a longer leash/line and practicing on leash in more distracting situations.

Have really good treats or a super fun toy your dog loves. You need to make yourself more exciting that whatever the dog is distracted by. When your dog does come to you make sure they are rewarded with a fun game of tug or a jackpot of their favourite treats. This will make leaving the distracting and coming back to you more rewarding for the dog. Calling your dog in a upbeat, excited, happy voice can encourage the dog to move towards you as well.

Calling your dog and then moving backwards away from them can make the dog excited to chase after you. Turn recalls into a game for your dog by teaching them how fun it is to run after you – not playing keep away from you. Call your dog, back away and have a huge play session when they catch up to you. After awhile your dog will learn you are more fun than whatever smells or distractions they were engaged with before.

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