The best thing to happen to your dog since coming to live with you.

All day snuggles, purposeful play
and love included.

Our indoor and outdoor doggy daycare located in the heart of Bedford West is optimally designed to keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe while 100% supervised by our trained dog attendants.

We intentionally keep our capacity small to ensure the safety, enrichment, and purposeful play of our four-legged friends.

We believe in safety first: your dog will always be in a secure play environment that is beneficial to their social temperament.

Your dog deserves to be supported physically, emotionally, and socially.

Our dogs enjoy daily fresh air exercise (weather permitting) in our spacious and clean outdoor courtyard.

With an abundance of fresh air and purposeful play outside, we also schedule supportive breaks and indoor lounge time during the day. Our lounge time gives your dog the opportunity to have a nap and cuddle up to their buddies on real furniture (just like home!) and Kuranda orthopaedic beds to support their overall health.

Convenient Pricing

Single full days, half-days, and packages depending upon your needs.

Convenient Hours

Flexible hours that meet the needs of our pet owner’s and their families.


On-site professional grooming led by our team of experienced groomers.

We will never compromise on your dog’s safety. We snuggle and pat your dog constantly.

It’s important that you know that while your dog is in our care, they are loved and cared for as if they are our own (which they are!)

We promise their safety care is our number one priority.

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Meet Monty, Our Pup of the Month!

Monty came to us all the way from the UK. He is an always happy, go lucky cockapoo. Monty loves everyone and everything! Monty loves to play with his friends at daycare, but is especially fond of his girlfriend, Winne. Look at that smile, who couldn’t love Monty?


Puppy Love!

I love going to Paw Prints so much that I almost wiggle by bum off! Every time I visit on a nice the girls tell my Mom that they have the pools out because they know there’s nothing more I love than lying down in the pool with some of my favorite friends! 

~ Ellie, yellow lab

Those young'ins at paw prints, just plain wear me out.
Was this your plan all the time, Mom and Dad?

~ Love Jessie

 I love to hear the words "Doggy Day Care", and pop my head up and go a little nuts even before I see the building. I mean, they try at home to whoop things up from time to time so I try not to offend the Mr. and Mrs. when I bolt out of the back hatch before it is completely open.

~ Zamber